Dr. Dave's Computer Repair: Residential Repair

We here at Dr. Dave's PC Clinic are dedicated to you, the user.
We offer expert user support and explanations that others simply can't deliver.
We now provide residential services in your home and drop-offs.

We can fix many technical problems in your home, including hardware repair or replacement. We are able to remove viruses, resolve errors, reinstall or upgrade operating systems, and other issues. If you are unsure whether we can help, give us a call and we can help figure it out with you.

In today's age smartphones and tablets are more relevant than ever

The functionality of a Smartphone or tablet depends upon the well-being of its operating system. The moment you discover something is not running as it should, it can quickly ruin your day. As most of our time remains engaged with devices such as Smartphones and tablets, even a small issue is time-consuming.

For this, we now offer Smartphone and tablet software optimization!

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